SHOE 700

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  • Leather: Veal.
  • Color: Dark.
  • Sole: Sole.
  • Lining: leather.
  • Manufacture: GoodYear.
  • Other features: Elastic on both sides.

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All our products are handmade with the highest quality materials meeting the strictest manufacturing requirements.

Leather is a natural product and it is alive. Therefore, in order to prolong its duration it is advisable to follow the following steps:


  • Clean the entire surface of the shoe with a brush or cloth to remove dirt and dust accumulated on the outside.

  • Nourish every 6 or 8 uses. Apply a beeswax paste with a sponge or cloth in a thin layer and spread it evenly over the entire surface of the leather.

  • To give it shine when it needs it (in special occasions...). Apply the cream of the same colour as the leather with a sponge or cloth over the entire surface in a very thin layer.

  • Leave to dry for 5 to 8 minutes.

  • Brush or chamois leather so that the shoe becomes shiny and looks its natural colour.



Each day of footwear use requires a rest time, the condensation produced by heat and natural transpiration creates excessive humidity conditions that need at least 24 hours to evaporate.

Heat and humidity harden and crack the skin more quickly. Therefore, if we avoid wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row, we will be extending their duration and maintaining their comfort level at the same time; a shoe saturated with perspiration warms the foot.


Wet shoes should be dried at room temperature. If the degree of humidity is very high, it is advisable to put newspaper in the front. We should never dry them in the sun, near a fire or other sources of heat, as they will crack and suffer premature ageing.


In the cleaning we must always use first quality products. The most indicated products must have creamy properties, since, as they are skins, the cream penetrates more easily moisturizing and nourishing.

First of all the dust should be cleaned with a somewhat hard bristle brush. The mud, if it exists, should be removed with a damp cloth; and, once dry, the bitumen or cream should be applied, preferably with a cloth using small quantities. A small brush can also be used for seams and folds.

It is advisable to use a bitumen as close as possible to the colour of your shoes, but if this is not possible, neutral cream is suitable. Ei shine is obtained by penetrating the cream into the pores of the skin, but an excess of it would only obstruct them, preventing their proper transpiration.

For soft bovine skins we recommend wet cleaning wipes (baby), as they help remove dirt while moisturizing at the same time. After cleaning, it is recommended to use small quantities of bitumen (certain colour or neutral) to make the finish even better. Then brush gently and they will look like new!


Patent leather, which is currently used on designated occasions, used to be wiped with a damp cloth or sour milk. There are currently cleaning gels on the market specially indicated that we recommend for its ease of use.

The suede or suede is cleaned with special brushes, and if these are metallic, must be used with great care as they can damage the original texture of the skin, although normally it will suffice for the bristles to be a little harder.

Some suede glues are very useful to remove water stains and friction caused by use, especially in Jos light colors. Some brands have waterproofers, which protect against liquids and delay the discoloration process caused by dust. For the most deteriorated there is a shampoo that is applied with water and some stain removers that must be applied with great care.

Nubuck generally benefits from the same suede cleaning products because of their similar texture.

In horse or cordovan skins and skins with vegetable tanning processes, special care is needed, which these skins deserve. The open pores, the lack of shine, especially in the bending points, are closed exerting a light pressure with a shoehorn or a small polished wooden roller, so that the shoe regains its original shine.


The shoes with excessively marked wrinkles or the tips turned upwards, create a careless aspect. These are unmistakable signs that they need a last.

At present, in addition to the classic wood lasts, there are many other types, such as plastic, metal, etc.. The ideal moulds would be the exact wood moulds that were used for assembly during the manufacturing process, porous wood and without polishing or varnishing. But given the difficulty of obtaining it, we must look for the one that best suits the shape of the shoe, within the possible options. Most of the existing ones on the market, with different extension systems, springs, screws and so on, do their job quite well.


To keep at home, the best are the cotton or wool sachets, and each with its own last if possible. For best storage and location, we recommend the special shoe cupboards,

For trips we can use the same bags or individual bags to better fit them in the suitcase, so they will not mix with the rest of the clothes. The plastic lasts are the most indicated for these cases because of their low weight. It will also be convenient to bring a small cleaning kit.

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SHOE 700

SHOE 700

  • Leather: Veal.
  • Color: Dark.
  • Sole: Sole.
  • Lining: leather.
  • Manufacture: GoodYear.
  • Other features: Elastic on both sides.

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